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About Us

Bangkok Business Brief is brought to you by Mango Mango Ltd. Part., in cooperation with Siam Gazette, the publishers of Bangkok Trader, Thailand Homes & Condos, Amata Directory, Skal Directory, and several other business and industry publications throughout Asia. Bangkok Business Brief is the must-have monthly English-language business news tabloid in Bangkok, Thailand.

With a print run of 10,000 copies, the magazine utilizes a well co-ordinated distribution network that delivers supplies directly to the business community in Bangkok, including upper-income Thais and expats.

In addition, the tabloid is placed in over 300 locations in office buildings and complexes, condominiums, business centers and executive lounges of five-star hotels, serviced apartments, and airports. From its business news encapsulations to its information on business organizations and monthly events to its impacting cover stories and insightful opinions and analyses from the business community itself, Bangkok Business Brief will be a valuable tool for business leaders and those on the rise in Bangkok’s business world.

The Team

Reid Nixon – Managing & Creative Director

Reid NixonReid has lived in Thailand for six years and has been in magazine publishing in Bangkok for over four years as a Creative Director overseeing the editorial and graphics for Bangkok Trader, Thailand Homes & Condos, the British Club’s Outlook, Chamber of Commerce newsletters, and industry guides and directories. He comes from a film and television background in the U.S. and Thailand, and Bangkok Business Brief and Bangkok Trader are his first products as a publisher.

Email: | Mobile: +66 (0) 80 246 9000

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Andy Hyde – Business Development Manager

Andy HydeAndy is the Business Development Manager for the Bangkok Business Brief and Bangkok Trader. He is instrumental in the marketing of the advertising content within the publication. Andy returns to publishing after seven years working within the Thai real estate industry. He has resided in the Kingdom for nine years, where his passion for the sights and sounds of the capital have never dwindled.

Email: | Mobile: +66 (0) 80 814 9080

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Publication Portfolio

Our Publications Circulation Target Area Type
Bangkok Business Brief 10,000 Bangkok Business
Bangkok Trader 10,000 Bangkok Lifestyle
Thailand Homes & Condos 5,000 Pattaya Property
Amata Directory 2012-2013 5,000 Thailand/Vietnam Directory
Skål Directory 2012-2013 1,000 Thailand Directory